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Tucker Lover
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Monday, June 2, 2014

I am crazy over this Tim Holtz Tissue paper!

This whole thing started because I wanted to make a pretty tissue cover for my half bath. I had just redecorated the bathroom in burlap and botanical looking stuff. Now I can't stop putting this on everything!

It is called tissue paper but it is a little sturdier and kind of waxy and just plain perfect!  

I bought this at Michaels but (hint hint) Tuesday Morning has it also (cheaper) and they almost always have his stuff.  Love it!
The burlap flower was in the dollar section of Michaels.  It was a pin/hair clip.  I just tore that little piece of hardware off of it!

So I couldn't stop there!  I put it on 4x4 tiles and made coasters!

I love how it picks up the color of whatever to modge podge it on to!
More to follow I'm sure!  I am looking around the house to see what else needs covered up! :)

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