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Tucker Lover
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Friday, August 29, 2014

Fall cards

The last 3 were made with some of my alcohol ink paper that I made.

Prima girl tag

I colored her with copic markers.  The snow is white alcohol ink and liquid pearls.  I don't know if you can tell but I put the white alcohol ink on  a paint brush and "flicked" it.  There are tiny snow flecks on the tag.

Alcohol ink cards!

This card was made with glossy paper and alcohol inks.  We simply dropped ink on the card and then blew the ink in different directions with a straw.

 On this card we sprayed 70% isopropyl alcohol on the glossy card stock, then we added our drops of ink and let the ink swirl around.

On this card we were told to make a sky and a ground.  Then we put a gold line as our horizon. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

A new mixed media painting

On this girl I used one of my favorite verses...Psalms 46:5


Thursday, August 7, 2014

August Birch box review

I love going to my mailbox and seeing my birchbox has been delivered!  It's like a birthday every month.  This months is a good one.
The bronzer arrived broken :( so I have asked them to send me another.
"Sea RX" is a facial and body lotion that fights the signs of aging.  I used it last night on my face and it smells great and didn't burn me so I like it!
"Whish" shaving cream.  I stuck this in my toiletry bag for when I travel because I didn't have shave cream in there.  Smells like grapefruit...nummy.
"Aloxxi" Hair serum.  Makes hair thicker and frizz free.  Smells great but I haven't used it yet.
"Agelesss" perfume.  I LOVE it.  It's light (Again smells like grapefruit) and I can wear it to work without nauseating my patients!  

Have a great day!

Jenna Hipp nail polish review

I have seen ads for this nail polish in alot of magazines lately, so when I found these mini bottles at Costco I just had to buy them!  It was $9.99 and the colors are beautiful!  This is a horrible picture but there are 3 pinks, a lavender, a dark red, a gray a darker purple, and a cream color.
Jenna Hipp is "manicurist to the stars" and her polish is "green".  It doesn't have chemicals that alot of polishes have.  I am loving it!  So far I have worn my polish (the light purple) for 4 days without a chip.  And the brushes are very nice.  You should buy this! 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

How to make a burlap wreath

I have never made a wreath before and I just love how this turned out.  My inspiration was from http://www.madeintheshadeblog.com/
I followed her directions and watch some you tube videos and finally figured out how to do this.
You will need
Burlap ribbon, a wire wreath frame, hot glue gun, scissors and floral wire or pipe cleaners.

This is the ribbon I used.  It is from Michaels and it is 4 inches by 21 feet.  I used 2 of these.  (Alot of people use 6 inch wide, which would give you a bigger ruffle.)

Tie the ribbon onto the frame..(I suggest you tie it on at the vertical wire...that would make more sense)

Then you just tuck through (from the back) into all three slots on the wreath.  Make them as big and fluffy as you want.

Now here's the important part...slide the 3 bundles to the left and hold them tight to cover all the green wire and to make them "flouncy".  Then, turn over your wreath and run a line of hot glue to keep it together.

Then just keep going.  Tuck all three, slide and bunch, then glue...tuck, slide glue...tuck, slide, glue .....til you are done.  Then tie off the burlap in a hidden place when you are done.
I have never made a wreath bow and there are tons of videos on you tube about it.  This one made the most sense to me:

"Burlap bow tutorial by Kelli Wright" on you tube.

Then I just ran some floral wire through the back of then bow and twisted it on to the wire frame.
Helpful hints:
1) The ribbon I bought from Michaels has a finished edge and I like that because it wasn't messy.
2) The green frame shows a little bit.  When you hang it, you can adjust the ribbon to cover it, but I king of wish I would have spray painted it brown first.
3) It takes alot of ribbon.  Use your coupons!
4) use wired ribbon for the bow.  It is "forgiving" and you can make the bow look perfect!

Thanks for looking.  Leave comments below and ask questions if you need to.  I hope I made this easy to understand!