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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Fashionista sisters! Have you ever shopped at Bloomingdales?

So I'm pretty stoked right now.  I have a beautiful friend from high school and she always looks so great.  She spends half the year In Indiana and the other half in Miami.  I asked her where she gets her clothes and she said "Bloomingdales". I was like...oh.  We don't have one here and I know it's expensive but she told me to go online because they have great sales and bonus points and all that.
Well I did and they are having a sale (ends tonight if you're interested) and man Did I score!  They have thousands of items for 40-60% off.
I chose "womens items under $50" and there were like 2,000 things to look at!
Then I found a coupon online and got an extra 20% off.
Here's a sample of what I got:
A Ralph Lauren sweater...Reg. $130...bought for $25

Designer pants....Reg. $129....bought for $31

I bought two bracelets for $12 each...reg $36 each
And a Guess top/sweatshirt for $23

A Fancy shirt for $38....Reg. price $78.

I spent a total of...drum roll please.....$145!!


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